Department of Ophthalmology

One Eye Specialist, one Ophthalmic Assistant and one Operating Room Assistant are presently working in this department. Three trainees are being trained as Ophthalmic Assistants.

It provides regular OPD facilities for patients of the surrounding areas with eye complaints. It also caters to the needs of the In-patients of the institute as and when required. The facilities for Consultation, Refraction, Tonometry, Ophthalmoscopy and Biometry are available in the OPD.

The Eye OPD is equipped with following equipment:-

i) Computerized Autorefractometer
ii) Schiotz Tonometer
iii) Slit lamp Biomicroscope
iv) A-scan Bio-meter
v) Keratometer
vi) Ophthalmoscope
vii) Streak Retinoscope
viii) Colour Vision Chart

The Eye Operation Theatre is equipped with following equipment:-

i) Operating Microscope
ii) Phaco-emulsification unit
iii) Set of Instrument for cataract and phaco-surgery
iv) Autoclave

Eye operation Theatre started functioning since December 2004. IOL (Intraocular Lens) is being implanted in cataract patients who are found suitable for this procedure, otherwise simple conventional cataract operation is performed. All cataract operations are being done free of charge. Patients are followed up after one week, two weeks and at the end of six weeks. Glasses are prescribed for these patients six weeks after operation. In addition to this, minor surgical procedures are also carried out for out-patients and in-patients of the institute. The following table shows the work load of the Ophthalmology department during the year and previous five years.

2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08  2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
Hospital OPD  
New cases 650 893 2128 2695 2795 2942 3049 3694
Old cases 39 68 156 251 532 566 368 386
Total 689 961 2284 2946 3327 3508 3417 4080
Indoor Cases 47 53 113 114 144 60 96 81
Operation - - 66 78 106 111 90 46
Examined in Camps  151 129 1014 602 804 - -  
School Screening - - - -   4131 7228 2988

Govt. of India banned cataract operations outside hospital O.T.