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Occupational Therapy and Rehablitation Unit  

Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Unit

            The institute has a full fledged occupational therapy and rehabilitation unit offering comprehensive vocational training to in-patients. The primary objective of the department is to train patients in different skills, so that they are not a liability and burden to their families and society. The process of rehabilitation also enables patients to find and maintain gainful employment after their discharge. This further increases their acceptability by their family and community members, thereby reducing the stigma attached to psychiatric illnesses.

The following are the main units of the OT and Rehabilitation centre :

Male section   Female section
Tailoring   Tailoring
Painting   Knitting & embroidery
Welding (gas & electric)   Basket making
Black smith   Agarbatti making
Caning   Shawl making
Weaving   Mushroom cultivation
Book binding   Vegetable cultivation
Printing (digital)   Paper bag
Paper bag & envelope making   Jute bag making
Carpentry   Pitonji Mala
Soap (cake & detergent)   Canteen
Computer Training    

            Patients who work in the OT sections earn tokens according to their level of skill and performance. A token economy system operates wherein, skilled and semi-skilled patients earn Rs. 20 & Rs. 10 daily respectively. Patients who just come and sit in O.T. Section are paid Rs. 2 per day to motivate and inculcate in them the habit to work. Patients exchange the tokens earned for snacks and tea from the canteen and rest savings they take home on discharge. 





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