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Aim and Objectives of RINPAS  


Philosophy of the Institute
I.We believe in giving – HOLISTIC APPROACH  in the Mental Health Care to our Society.

II. We believe “Occupation is the nature’s best physician” and as mental health professionals we have to strive hard to rehabilitate these patients atleast in social and vocational areas so that they can lead a better quality of life even when inside psychiatric hospital.

III We believe education is an integral part of development of total personality and as such training in Behavioural Sciences provided in the form of theory and practice in the respective fields could accomplish desired goals for providing total mental health care for both the ill and the well with human approach.

IV. We aspire that the students of this institution should have development in four major aspects- KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE, MORALITY AND PRACTICE IN THE PROFESSION which they have chosen as their career.

V.We advocate that the institution while imparting education should be beyond the clutches of all barriers and discrimination which are retrograde factors to the welfare and progress of the society.

VI.We wish that the students who leave the portals of this institution should have the ultimate aim of selfless service, compassion and consideration for anybody who comes to them when they are sick or disabled for the possible comfort and care.






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